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Logjob is THE HR agency in Switzerland for specialists and managers in the field of logistics. Our core business is the support of small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations in the search and selection of logistic personalities. Apart from that, we are pleased to give advice regarding job search and career planning. Please contact us for an interview at no charge.

Frequently asked questions regarding Logjob and career:

Logjob focuses on specialist and management positions in the area of logistics. Does that mean you don't offer any temporary positions?

That's correct. We only have mandates for permanent positions and only for specialists and managers..

I sent all the necessary documents for logjob's database. Is that sufficient or should I make other efforts for finding a suitable job?

We recommend every candidate to take advantage of several appropriate search channels. Depending on the situation regarding unemployment, unsolicited applications can also be a possibility. Sending your documents to various different personnel agencies might however not be helpful. We suggest that you stay in contact with consulting specialists who are well-known in your specific market.

Unfortunately, I have made bad experiences with executive search companies who have passed on my details or asked for references without my knowledge, etc.

Logjob guarantees to maintain absolute discretion and confidentiality. All communication with regard to a third party will be discussed with you in advance and will only be pursued with your consent.

Where do I find professional and independent information on education in the area of logistics?

On our website under education (so far only available in German). For further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

I have sent my documents to Logjob, but haven't heard anything since then. Is my profile not interesting enough for Logjob?

t we are not actively searching for new positions for job seekers. We search only on the basis of a mandate from a company which has a specific vacancy in the area of logistics. As you understand, it is therefore also a matter of luck..