We want to draw an overall picture.

Our strengths are not only the searching and finding of ideal personalities, but also their professional evaluation and selection. That's where we are backed up by the scientifically tested analysis systems of INSIGHTS MDI®, Management Development Instruments.

Potential analysis according to INSIGHTS MDI® helps to appoint personalities corresponding to their abilities. Thanks to this approach, both employer and employee can obtain ideal results.

INSIGHTS profiles show how we cope with specific work and stress situations, how we act in a team and what our social role is. They give an insight into our value structure, and show our very personal motivators. They explain why our behaviour is the way it is. INSIGHTS MDI® is based on a modular system, which illuminates all areas of human potential and helps to optimize


Know-how (our skills, experiences and competencies)


Behaviour (our natural and adapted behavioural preferences)


Motivators (our personal motivators)

The decisive advantage of INSIGHTS MDI® compared to other analysis systems: it points not only at deliberately shown behaviours of candidates or employees but also at their natural behavioural preferences (basic style). As the employer, you get an authentic picture of every single candidate which can provide the basis for your entire staffing policy.

Logjob is using this mature management development tool successfully and can therefore profit from a profound knowledge with regard to interpretation and implementation of the results. For more information: www.insights.ch.